Our Story

When my oldest daughter Molly started tumbling 5 years ago I was shocked at how difficult it was to find leotards that were not only her size, but were my style. I wanted more simplicity in the color range and less of the frills that other leotards have. It was also important to me to add coverage at the bottom of the leo. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020 I finally had some down time to start designing the leotards of my dreams. My husband Brad and I sat down and made a business plan. 

After 18 months of samples, designing, and development we are so excited to share with you these custom designed leotards that we hope you and your girls will love.

  • Classic Colors

    I have selected simple colors that are difficult to find in the current market.

  • Quality Fabric

    It is important to me to have fabric that is comfortable and won't pill or fade with use.

  • Coverage

    Attached shorts prevent any pesky wardrobe malfunctions on the mat.

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Why is it called Mollipop?

I was in Thailand in 2019 visiting my Thai family. At this point I already had the idea for leos but I couldn’t think of a name.

My Thai aunt is named อมยิ้ม (ohm-yim) which in English translates to lollipop. When I explained her name to my husband Brad the name Mollipop instantly popped into my head. I thought it was a perfect way to tie in my heritage and my oldest daughter. The rest is history. 🍭

My goal for @mollipopshop is to represent strong, beautiful, happy, and brave little girls. These are qualities that the women in my life possess. I can’t wait to share what is to come!